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ESET Mobile Antivirus (Free Edition)
Tested on my Samsung GT-6625 n works great!!

Delivers proactive and comprehensive protection for your Smartphones and Pocket PCs against SMS spam, viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, worms, rootkits, and other unwanted software.

* Product ComparisonUser Manual
* DatasheetDatasheet

Smartphones and PocketPCs are widely used for communication, entertainment and services. As tiny computers, these mobile devices are becoming more standardized and packed with more sophisticated features. They also are increasingly at risk of attacks and exploits.

ESET Mobile Antivirus has low CPU, memory requirements and compact updates which minimize data bandwidth usage. It will protect email attachments and other files being transferred or accessed without impacting performance and will keep your mobile phone safe — even between signature updates. Its fast engine keeps your inbox uncluttered by filtering SMS spam from unknown and unwanted senders.
ESET Mobile Antivirus provides:

* Proactive Protection: Detect and clean known and unknown mobile malware
* Light Footprint: About 500 KB installed and 1 MB of RAM used when scanning
* Fast Scanning Speeds: Streamlined technology detects more files and scans them at lightning speed
* SMS Anti-Spam: Filter unwanted text messages to the spam folder with simple rules

Product Features

Proactive Protection — Fast signature scanner finds and cleans known threats before they can cause damage. Heuristics engine protects against unknown threats between signature updates.

On-Demand Scanning — Scan memory and running processes, onboard files and removable media for malware. Search deeply into nested folders to uncover malicious software.

Advanced On-Access Scanning — Scans all accessed files for viruses, including email attachments and files accessed via wireless means such as Bluetooth, WiFi, infrared, GPRS and EDGE.

Quarantine — Safely insolates infected files and gives the experienced user the option to review, restore or delete them as appropriate.

SMS Antispam — Block text messages from unknown senders or use black and whitelists to filter your SMS messages.

Statistics — Provides an at-a-glance summary of On-Access scanning, SMS filtering and quarantine activities.

Activity Log — Scan statistics are stored in a user-friendly format. Up to 50 logs can be stored onboard.

Variable In-Depth Scanning of CAB Files — Control the scan depth of compressed cabinet files that can contain other nested folders or other compressed files.

Automatic/On-Demand Updates — Download signature updates on-demand or automatically at pre-set intervals: daily, weekly, or monthly.

Intuitive User Interface — Simple and elegant user experience.
Device Requirements
Operating System Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone/Smartphone Edition
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard/Professional Edition
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard/Professional Edition
Memory 1 MB
Compatible Devices
ESET Mobile Antivirus is designed to be compatible with most devices running the operating systems listed above.
HTC Advantage
HTC Faraday (Cingular 2125)*
HTC Touch (Verizon XV6900)
HTC TyTN (Cingular 8525)
HTC TyTN II (AT&T Tilt) Palm Treo 750
Pantech Duo*
Samsung BlackJack II*
Sony Xperia X1*
UTStarcom XV6700 (Verizon XV6700)
XDA Atom Life
*Tested on unlocked device
Unsupported Devices
These devices are known to have compatibility problems and are not supported at this time.
Asus MyPal A696 PDA
iMate SPL (PhoneOne S101) Samsung SGH-i900 (Fplayer Addict)

ESET Mobile Antivirus for Winmo

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