Google Sync on a Nokia

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Google Sync on a Nokia

Post  budy.sant on Fri Jun 17, 2011 5:29 pm

To set up Google Sync on a Nokia N-Series or E-Series phone (Symbian S60 3rd Edition), please follow these steps:

Note: The images below may vary slightly from the images on your particular phone.

1. Open your Contacts application
2. Select 'Synchronization > Settings' from the 'Options' menu. This will open the Sync application.

3. From the Options menu select 'New sync profile'

4. Choose any name you like for 'Sync profile name'

5. Select and click 'Applications'
Note: You will see a list of all content types that your phone can synchronize; however, currently Google Sync only supports Contacts.
6. Select and click 'Contacts'
* Make sure the 'Include in Sync' option is set to 'Yes'
* Define the 'Remote Database' option as 'contacts'. It needs to be spelled exactly like this (lower case), or Google Sync will not work.

* Click 'Back' to exit this screen and save your settings
* Ensure that only Contacts have 'Settings defined' and all other content types say 'Sett. not defined'

7. Click 'Back' to exit this screen and save your settings
8. Select and click 'Connection Settings'
9. Enter the following values:
* Server version: 1.2
* Server ID: Google (capital 'G' is important)
* Data bearer: Internet
* Access point: the Internet access point for your carrier.

10. Click 'Back' to exit this screen and save your settings
11. Click 'Back' again to exit the Sync profile settings
12. Highlight the your Sync profile and select 'Synchronize' from the 'Options' menu to synchronize your contacts with Google


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